Is this absolutely necessary?

I said stop.


I had a great time in Boston.


Have you read "The Infant Race" yet?


You have to believe us.

Carlos went away and came back with the book.

There are so many things that can be shared by a group that has the ability to create what it shares.


We've bought ourselves a little more time.

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Kyung is mending the carpet.


We all agreed unanimously.

We have him!

I don't have the power to finish the work alone.


These desks will be put up for sale this week.

I think you've done something wrong.

I don't have time to do everything Meehan wants me to do.

He's picky about suits and ties.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Eric has begun to sing.

The dog was covered in mud from head to foot.

Rajendra went to Boston in 2003.


Lorenzo didn't drink much at the party last night.


I can't count the stars in the sky.


Raise a loud voice, then all goes wrong.

Am I your friend?

While living on his island, Brahe built a castle and an observatory.

That country is five times as large as Japan.

I told you you didn't have to come over.


As was mentioned before, this is my basic idea.


They formed a new political party.

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I'm not tired of studying yet.

Justice is to judge men on their own merits, not according to their names or their ideas.

The changes won't be radical.

What time did Trey go to bed?

Randell did it on Monday.

Clarissa was tortured.

I feel first-class tonight.


Please adjust the television picture.

Did you come to town?

Alberto is very fond of doing something that his brother Charles would never do.

Wolves don't usually attack people.

I'll mail you the report in a jiffy, so you won't have to wait long.


Everyone has to stay.

We have this game on ice.

You're always welcome here, Cecilia.

Jean has been here ever since.

I'd be happy to work with you.

The doctor prescribed medicine for the patient.

The thief was apprehended this morning.

Heather was nicely dressed.

What has happened to my passport?

You need to let go of it.

I often catch colds in the winter.

I worked as if there were no tomorrow.

Siping can't have done what you think he did.


It's becoming too dangerous.

The child was exceptionally intelligent.

It took a little prodding, but he agreed to do it.

We won't know until October.

Don't forget your coat.

We must stop urban sprawl and fight against physical segregation while still guaranteeing the right to housing.

You are the great love of my life.


Children often make mistakes.

This is a fantastic idea.

You were asleep at your post.

Ssi said you couldn't come.

Who can choose?

You should not look down on her just because she writes a poor hand.

How many televisions does Laura have?

Don't worry about it. Just get back to work.

Walls are very big these days.

Keep digging.

I couldn't remember their names.

Can you still hear me?

Bea looks a little confused.

I did everything I was told to do.

Lila found a dinosaur egg.

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You can't just not show up.


Kerri can hold his breath for five minutes.

I work for a guy named Tuan.

Are we free on Friday afternoon?

There's something important I need to tell him.

Girls think much of fashion.


He departed in spite of the storm.

Initially I found it difficult to deal with my new environment.

A serious linguistic institution won't ever censure a translation, it does not matter how dirty or rude it feels when reading it.

I asked him if you will come with me, but he didn't even answer.

Obey thyself.

Kathryn is working on the car engine.

Barton was diagnosed with colon cancer in October of 2013.

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My mother never gets up early.

That gave me an idea.

Do you remember his telephone number?

I wish you'd stop calling me a liar.

Where did you spend your vacation?

Have you ever seen a puppet show?

Let's see how the candidate's bigoted opinions will affect the outcome of the election.

The crowd protested against racial discrimination.

Are you going to be home for dinner?

When was the last time you looked at yourself in a mirror?

You were late, weren't you?

If you want to go, then go. If you don't want to, then it's no big deal.

Once upon a time the king of the Goldland lost himself in a forest, and try as he would he could not find the way out.


All of the men were dressed similarly to Johann.

Far from being bored, I had a great time.

What possible difference could that make?

I'm not interested in modern art.

Not all of my ideas are good ones.

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Would you please slow down?

Dalton's eyes are powerful.

Not a day goes by without our hearing of an environmental problem.

I make no excuses for that.

I didn't put this here.

Where did you try them on?

I want to go out with him.


I hear Jennie's a bit of a drinker.

The meeting came to an end at noon.

Vance doesn't know why Donna wants him to leave.

He knows us well.

We have to make sure Ravindran doesn't do that.


It was on a Christmas when it snowed heavily.


Did he write it with a pencil?


Many leaders supported the compromise.


A man once asked Diogenes what was the proper time for supper, and he made answer, "If you are a rich man, whenever you please; and if you are a poor man, whenever you can."

I must go home.

What would I do if they really came?

I don't always have time for breakfast.

Speaking of Switzerland, have you ever been there in the winter?

Did Damon go home?

Naim fed his dog table scraps.

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Christopher Columbus started wearing his famous hat back when he was still a schoolboy, and was often punished by his teachers for refusing to take it off in class.


I don't really care anymore.


If feeling sick of the world could by itself grant saintliness, I don't see how I could avoid canonization.

Suyog has a really nice girlfriend.

He didn't know that.


These clouds look like a flock of white sheep.

I thought Kenneth was supposed to be here for three weeks.

The forest is in a better state of preservation.


He looked at her with bleary eyes.


It's Carsten's idea of a joke.


He failed to get elected contrary to our expectation.


I think it's time for a career change.

The Nile is a river.

He has read as many as 50 books for the last two weeks.

That'll never happen again.

That's a redundant, caustic question.

Thousands of major government data resources have been posted in "machine-readable" form for free public access on the website, and range from weather data to car safety ratings to the cost of healthcare procedures.

Where were you when I needed you?

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Lack of flexibility is an obstacle to progress.

Gary couldn't stand it.

He was hit hard in the face.

The reporter went to Barcelona to document the riots.

Who could resist an offer like that?

Mark is inside.

Sir nodded without saying anything.


"You're ugly." "Your mom is ugly." "Your mom's face is ugly."

What sort of damage did he cause?

He has been engaged in the study of biology for nearly ten years.


Will newspapers be able to survive?


A lot of my classmates think that I'm dumb.